2017 October 27

It is Friday and I think I’ve done a little too much. It’s about noon. My hands are hurting with everything I touch. My forearms on down to my fingertips are very stiff. My lower back hurts my neck on the right side primarily where I had that strained muscle is definitely letting me know I’m alive. Pain level of the neck is about 4. My forearms and from halfway through my thigh on down to my toes are probably pain level 5.

I have taken extra Baclofen and Lortab to counteract the pain and muscle stiffness. I have an appointment with Gervais on Monday for a small bump up in the internal Baclofen.

It is interesting to note that with the pain increase my mind keeps going back two the time between December until March when I had nothing but extreme pain. I realize that I am paranoid of ever feeling that way again for such an extended time. That is something that I would never wish on my worst enemy. No relief for months.

Maintaining this body is exhausting and frustrating. I’m coming to understand that being Limited in Mobility is an understatement. You can’t do anything efficiently. Things that used to take me minutes to do take me forever or I just can’t do them. The pain distracts the focus of your mind, this greatly limits your ability to have any sort of deep thought.

I just wish I had the abilities like I used to.

I do have a potential solution to my kayak. My current task is to figure out some way that I can strap the wheelchair to the back of my car. I’m looking for a way to do this without getting a trailer hitch put on the car. I was thinking of strapping the bike rack on the back of the car and using that to carry the wheelchair. I may do that to see if it works.

However, what I realized is that if I get a trailer hitch put on the vehicle then it has more implications than just carrying a wheelchair. I can get a small trailer for the kayak. I can then watch the kayak and retrieve the same by myself. This would give me a method of having some physical activity independent of anyone.

The problem then becomes where to store the trailer and how do I get the kayak down onto the trailer from the suspension system. My answer to that is to leave the kayak on the trailer and park it at my mother-in-law’s when not in use.

So in summation, I couldn’t get a trailer hitch, a small trailer, and a wheelchair carrier. The combination of these three items would give me independent Mobility on both bad and good days.