2017 October 24th, Stiffness & a Stupid Mistake

I woke up at 3 am, somewhat uncoordinated and stiff.  My tarsal area of my right foot and carpals and metacarpals of my hands are stiff and in pain.  I’m trying to type to get the stiffness out of my hands.  The right side of my neck is still stiff from that sore muscle.

In my effort to stave off an event yesterday, I inadvertently took some of my wife’s sleeping meds.  Oops.  They are exactly the same shape as my oral Baclofen.  I didn’t move much yesterday afternoon.  My body did relax…. a lot.  I thought I was heading for another visit at my local CCU.  Then, I realized what I did.

I never claimed to be a real smart cookie.

I am looking to produce a few entries for the local photographic contest.  I don’t know about putting my work up for sale. I just wanted to display.  The thought of someone displaying my work in their place….bother’s me.