2017 October 20th, The Return of the Weirdness

Went to bed last night knowing it would be a difficult night.  However, I made it to 5:15 am and was awakened by my alarm.  I couldn’t shut it off because my hands from the wrist down was completely numb.  I ended up turning it off by watching my hand and then moving my arm until the finger was over the silence button and dropping my hand on my phone.

Feeling and some measure of control has returned to my extremities, but I’m still quite shaky.  The pain level is low, but present.  My trouble areas are basically, my extremities and my neck.  The physical movement required to type and drink coffee is painful.  I’m watching what I type, as I type it.  I normally don’t, but my motor control is diminished, thus, I mistype a word on the average of one every sentence.  My fingers just hit the wrong keys.

Pouring coffee into my cup proved to be a challenge, too.  I’ve purchased a Ninja Coffee Bar (CF091) so I can make coffee a cup at a time so I don’t have to fight with pouring anymore.  Being debilitated is one thing, but not being able to serve yourself a cup of java is the last straw.  LOL.  I am really looking forward to the maker’s arrival.  I should be able to simply make a cup of cappuccino without leaving the house or destroying myself.

I think I twitched all night long.  I remember having a dream where musicians were laughing with me.  They though I was keeping time with their music when I was just having rhythmic spasms…in time with the music they were playing.

I just relaxed for a minute trying to gather my thoughts.  In my internal silence, I could feel the spasms fire off randomly throughout my body.  This tells me the event is not over.  There is still more to come.  Ugh.  I’m not mentally ready for an attack.  I wanted more free time.  I had plans for the day.  The spasms are funny.  I can feel tears fall down my cheeks.  I’m not crying.  My tear ducts are in spasm.  LOL.  I could be an actor if I could get the spasms to fire where I want them.

I’ve got a book on Python, a programming language.  I’m going to try to make headway through some of the exercises today.  The book is very thick which means I’ll need to put it down on something while I read it.

I’ve got my development environment for my hurricane/weather tracking system built.  I need to lay down some tracks of code now.  The pain makes thinking clearly difficult.  I’m thinking that I may create files with lots of comments about what the code in that area is supposed to do.  Then go back when I’m more functional and write the code.  This method will allow for nicely documented code, and I can make headway on the restructure.

Hands are tingling and uncoordinated.  Mind unfocused. Walking challenged.  I may pull the chair and just relax in it today.  Maybe using the wheelchair will give my body rest and shorten the event duration and recovery time.

I’m considering a ITB increase, but my baseline is fine.  My acutes aren’t cute.  I don’t know what the proper course of action is.  This is all very confusing, which is the main purpose for this blog.  I will review my thoughts later when I can think.

Thanks for reading and God bless us all,

Jay C. Theriot