2017 November 8, are we on a Rise Again?

Starting Saturday night, 5 days ago, my muscles have been seizing up.  I thought it was from the activity of driving to Lafayette and back, and that may be, had triggered it. However, it’s been a rollercoaster with no bottom since then.  I’m going to take my extra Baclofen for another day.  The pain is constant, but at a lower level.  Saturday night/Sunday early morning the pain had spiked to 8+, now it’s at a constant 4.

My muscles feel like every move I make is deliberate and strained. I have what I deemed the “Tin Man” again. I feel like my muscles and joints need oil.  This is not in one place, but from the neck down.

I don’t think I’ll get to shoot Franklin this week.  I don’t think I can leave the house at all this week.  Ugh.

I pray this will lessen soon.