2017 November 4th – Personal Understanding?

During the week, my wife made me write down my list of issues and status of each.  This was done, because I had to send a report into my neurologist concerning the affects of the dosage increase on Monday.  In doing so, I think I may have made a revelation.

There were some symptoms that were completely eliminated after the increase.  Others were not changed at all.  In further communication with the neurologist and my wife, we think that some of the problems with my hands could be my osteoarthritis kicking in.  Consequently, I’ve upped my dosage of NSAIDs and it is seeming to have an effect.

Additionally, I feel as though I am developing peripheral neuropathy and I am interpreting it wrong.  My mind would interpret my legs being week.  I think it is that I have limited control of them.  Basically, I have hot-spots on my arms and legs where it feels as though a heating pad were applied.  My fine motor coordination is degraded (no boots with heals, only sticky soled shoes and difficulty writing, eating, drinking, typing), but I definitely have strength in my arm and leg muscles.

I’m trying to put out of my mind the tingling, burning and uncertainty feelings, and just power through.  It seems to work for a while, then my legs give out.  I sit on the floor for a while and then grab my chair.

However, I am recovering from over-doing it rather quickly.  If I don’t recover after a nap, then overnight, I do.  Which is good.  Before, it would take me days to recover from doing something stupid.  I still have to save up my strength for big things, but life is starting to return.

I have learned that I need to shed my ego and just use either my wheelchair or an electric cart when I am away from home.  This greatly extends my ability to do things.  I really want to go to a flea market, but those aren’t set up correctly.

In all, I think with my wife, family and friends, I’m making it through this ordeal.  It’s not really such an ordeal anymore.  It’s just a different state of being.  I continue to strive to understand this issue, but understanding my bodies capabilities is more important.

Thanks for reading and God Bless,

Jay C. Theriot