2017 November 2nd – New House Phone Ordered

Ordered a new house phone.  This one will connect to both house and cell lines and will have a Bluetooth headset so I don’t have to hold the receiver.  Holding anything in my hand for more than a minute or so causes intense pain that last for hours after the event. I talked to my daughter at 7:25 this morning, 2 hours ago, and my left hand is still screaming at me.

So, done.  I’ve been looking for a phone I could plug a head-set into.  After weeks of not finding anything, I backed off and decided to look at phones in general. I forgot they made house phones that connected to your cell.  I really didn’t know they had one that had a Bluetooth head set integrated.

My hopes ride high for this phone system.

When I recover from my last few days activity, I’m going to go visit the VA to see if I can get assistance.  What I really need is a disability counselor to help me make adjustments to my physical surroundings or train me to greater facilitate mobility and independence.  The VA is the only place I can think of.  If all they do is point me in a direction, then I will mark it as a win.