2017 November 16, Interesting side-effect of Horizant

My wife purchased me a new wedding ring for our anniversary.  This was because my finger knuckles had grown so much that my original ring no longer fit.

I went to put it on, it was hugely too big.  I had her retrieve the original from the jewelry box.  It fit!

I was taking a full load of medications at the time because I wasn’t doing so well.  I stopped taking the load of meds the next day and my original ring stopped fitting.  Two days past and the new ring, which I was wearing on my pointer, no longer fit on my pointer and would no longer slip off my ring finger.

I can only attribute the difference in size of my knuckles to the Horizant.  I’ve restarted taking it last night.  I’m going to notice the size of my knuckles over the next week to see if there is a correlation.

I do know that my pain and ability levels are affected greatly by the Horizant.  Horizant (gabapentin encarbin) is marketed as an anti-seizure, anti-convulsant medication taken for post-shingle nerve pain and/or restless leg syndrome.  Why Horizant affects my knuckles so greatly is a mystery.

Through years of knowledge-building with my family doctor, it has been documented that my body processes medication different than the normal person.  A quick example is naproxen sodium (Aleve).  The only affect it has on me is that if I take about 1000 mg, I get inebriated.  Ibuprofen, Acetamenophen work as expected.  Small doses of Ibuprofen destroy osteoarthritic pain for me.

I hallucinate when I take a full dose of the original formulae NyQuil.  Too bad they changed the formulae.  That was fun times.

And just numerous other events throughout my life with different meds.  Not the least was the overdose with low to moderate levels of Baclofen.

I am doing ok.  I haven’t been feeling like I could drive for the last week and a half.  I may try a spin around the block today.  I’m doing a wee-bit better.  I think I am succumbing to anxieties about leaving the house.  I’m tired of the difficulties of mobility.  I’ve got to force myself to get over it.