2017 Nov. 13, Anniversary Day

Kathy purchased me a new wedding ring that I can wear when the arthritis in my hands have swollen my fingers beyond belief.  What a wonderful woman.

I have figured out how to dial the phone system without touching the receiver.  I’m working on implementation now.  Actually, I’ve found several ways.  I’m choosing the path of least resistance, at the moment.

The answer is simple:  Linux connected to a modem which is connected to the landline.  I can remote into the Linux box dial the phone and then connect to my Bluetooth headset.

Why this way?  I don’t have to keep track of the telephone receiver and it’s small buttons. I will be able to dial the phone where ever I have access to a keyboard. The BT headset is a wearable.  I can drape it around my neck and forget it’s there.  Less baggage to carry in my chair around the house.

I’m looking for a way to get caller ID information through the net.  I think it should be rather simple, but first things first.  Autodial, then CID, then voice control.