2017 December 6, Apnea <-> Spasticity Correlation?

The following is a graph of how many times/hour my breathing is in trouble while I wear the CPAP.  There is a one-to-one correlation between the nights that I have ~2/hour and what I classify as “bad days” with spasticity.  The question is which is the horse, and which is the cart.  Is there a causal relationship?  If I control one, can I control the other? I

I have no clue what this data means, but I am bringing to my doc on Friday.

On a lesser note, the nights that I approach 1/hour, my days are not peachy, but survivable.  So, I would venture to say that the less my apnea is, the better the quality of life I have overall.

What does this mean? What does all of this mean?