2017 December 5th, 2nd Trial of the Cocktail

Bottom line up front:  I think we may have gotten onto a cocktail that works.  If so, this means we have a valid treatment plan that addresses the massive spasmodic events.  After 11 months of turmoil, we have something that stops an incredibly severe event.

I had to leave the house this morning for some errands.  I had lunch with my wife at our favorite burger joint and then I dropped her at the office.  On the way out of the restaurant, I noticed my muscles signaled I was in trouble.  But, it was just spasms in my upper left thigh.  By the time I made it out of her parking lot, my abdominal muscles started to buckle.  Then the right side of my back to the right of L1 joined in.

By the time I made it home (total time from onset was about 15 minutes), my left leg, right shoulder, right lower-mid back area, abdominal wall, left forearm and left foot all were afflicted and I was at level 7/10 on our pain scale.

I responded with Zanaflex, Baclofen, Lortab, Horizant, my dog Salsa and Clint Eastwood. (I laid in the bed with Salsa with “The God, The Bad and The Ugly on.) It wasn’t long before I was out.

I was able to get about 1.5 hours of sleep (thanks to telemarketers).  The spasms have retreated.  I am lethargic and in a world of hurt from the residual injured muscles.  However, I caught a rapid and vicious attack in the making and stopped it before I had the massive all-over body spasm that pulls almost all my muscles.

Thank God I was wearing a panty-liner. It was filthy.

I can live with the pain I am in now.  I am counting the seconds until I can take more pain meds, but I stopped that major spasm.  The pain from those spasms are indescribable and extreme.  I can only give you the residual effects after I have one.  The pulled muscles, the long recovery time and the frustration of knowing I lost a battle again.

I think the tide is turning.  I hurt, but I’m happy and thankful to God for being with me always.

Thanks and God Bless,

Jay C. Theriot aka Twitch