2017 December 4, Thankful For Insurance

For the first time in a while I was thankful to be on disability. I did some bad things to my body Saturday night/Sunday Morning and am recovering. I looked at my calendar and saw it was empty except for a doctor visit on Friday and I felt relieved. Had I been working, I would have had to call in sick all this week.
I had been having spasms on Saturday. So I took my muscle relaxer to stop them.  I woke up in the middle of the night, took off my CPAP and went to the restroom.  When I returned, I didn’t put my CPAP back on and fell back asleep.  Not long after, I aspirated bile from my stomach.
In a panic, I ran to the bathroom next to my room. Yes, I said ran. When I regained cohesiveness, I realized I wasn’t vomiting, I couldn’t breath.  In my successful efforts to clear my lungs, I somehow managed to pull almost every muscle in my upper torso and arms.
It hurt to touch anything yesterday.  Today, it’s not so bad.  That’s why I’m typing this today and not yesterday.  I did manage to type some things yesterday, but it was on my laptop where I could rest my arms while typing.
It is weird.  For the first time, my upper body is worse off than my lower.  I can walk fine as the muscle relaxers did their job, but, I’m having trouble drinking coffee.  So, I’m walking, just not touching anything. It’s almost comical.
God has blessed me with an crazy disease that makes no sense.  In the midst of pain, I find there is comedy.  How my abilities fade in and out so quickly, remains an enigma.
I am convinced that my symptoms are shaping out to be as similar to MS as they can be, although the tests deny MS.  The point is moot as there are treatments for MS, which I am doing, but no cure.  It just means I will live out this internal comedy for the remainder of my years.  I just wish the disease would back off and give my family and me peace for a while.
God Bless,
Jay C. Theriot aka Twitch