2017 December 24, Survived a Party!

With the help of chemistry, I survived a party for four hours.  Upon departure, I immediately medicated myself.  About five hours of being bed-ridden, I could walk about twenty steps at a time.

What I noticed, is as long as I had stress in the muscles, they would hurt, and pain was there and growing.  However, when I was able to get horizontal to alleviate the stress of gravity, I would be able to feel micro-spasms throughout my body.  It was the eeriest feeling.  It begs to wonder if these are trying to happen while I’m vertical, but the stress on the muscles keep the pain receptors focused on the major pain, and not the minor little spasms occurring throughout my body.  It was a rather bizarre sensation.

I do have to say, I can tolerate the mini-spasms all over my body… except in my abdominal wall.  When my chest and belly start rippling, the sensation freaks me out.

I did have a spasm in my diaphragm area yesterday morning. It was funny.  It pushed the milk I was drinking back up.  I felt like a little baby that had taken too much from his/her bottle.

And I am forgetting the stupidest thing I did all day yesterday:
Before leaving for the party yesterday, while my beautiful wife was loading the vehicle to leave, I was sitting quietly and noticed the spasms were starting.  So, when we both got in the vehicle, I took the oral Baclofen, to try to stave off the spasms so we could enjoy the party.  I had already taken the Horizant that morning, knowing this would be a painful day.  By the time we arrived at the party, my legs had completely quit working. Only one thing — my wife and I were having a good conversation, laughing and stuff, and I forgot my place in the universe.

I hopped right out of the passenger seat of the car, and was immediately reminded.  I grabbed the car door and lowered myself to the ground slowly where I began laughing hysterically.  My wife, unloading the wheelchair from the back of the vehicle, gazed around at me sitting on the cement driveway, and just shook her head.

It was rather hilarious.  We eventually got my carcass into the wheelchair and into the home for the party.

I have to remember that I am mortal and I have flaws (quite a few have piled up in the last year.)

Thank you, and God Bless,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot