2017 December 23rd, Medication Mishap

Yesterday was an interesting day…. I was distracted by myself and took my night meds in the morning.  Most of them are in the family of muscle relaxers and pain killers.  I drank 2 pots of coffee to fight it off, and I had a lot of company.  When the company ended, I slept like a complete rock.

However, taking the morning meds at night didn’t go so well…. My first official act of the day was to miss the cup and pour hot coffee over my hand.  Now, you got to remember, my extremities have little feeling in them, and what neural activity is there, is kinda slow.

I cleaned up the mess and eventually did get coffee in my cup.  I just won’t be drinking in glass at the Christmas party today.

I do think we are making strides.  With the elevation of my ITB and the use of the cocktail to fight-off acute events, My body feels like it is healing some.

One notable thing, as mentioned in a previous post, is I am dreaming.  My mind has been so contorted and consumed with pain that is was incapable of designing dreams to entertain me in my nightly sojourn.  I am dreaming again. A lot.  Some good, some bad, but they are happening.

The bad days are getting not as bad. I think the good days are not as good.  You have to imagine a roller coaster.  The path has very high highs, steep slopes and low lows.  What our treatment seems to be doing is evening out the roller coaster so there are neither highs nor lows, but minor fluctuations from the middle.

My pain is less, my abilities less refined, but I can do more, simply because I have a greater degree of understanding what to expect.

Identification of an oncoming issue and defining the appropriate reaction is paramount to effectively treating this disease.  Rest, not just sleep, but rest is possibly the single most important facet.

I do believe after one complete year, we are finally in a position to where I feel like I can exist with what I have.

Thanks, and God Bless,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot