2017 December 20, Information Management Idea

I’ve had an idea that I’ve started working on that I think may be beneficial to myself and possibly even to someone else. I’ve began designing a database that will have a secure web front-end that will allow me to easily log and track all things medical related to my situation.

Special sections for tracking medication as well as issues and their treatments are available so that you can see what is done over time that addressed different issues and their efficacy.

I’m generating a lot of data about my issue and it is dizzying to try to remember it all. Tracking is one purpose of the blog, but it isn’t sufficient. It helps me make sense of some things, but I still need help tracking when my medications need to be filled, doctor’s visits, ideas about issues and then their treatment plans.

It could just be another one of my follies, but all I have right now is time. My mind works well most of the time, but there are times that I get very fatigued and frustrated. I’m hoping to get this system up and working in Beta shortly after the holidays. Then using the constant software improvement (CSI) model, continue to develop the user interface and data tables as needed to accommodate different data types my medical issues bring.

It should be a fun, simple project, that will have a tremendous benefit to anyone that is trying to make sense of their situation.

Thanks, and God Bless,
Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot

P.S.:  The suckitude meter has been riding high since Sunday.  It really hasn’t even been a roller coaster.  It’s been more of a dragline.