2017 December 19th, A New Phase Definition?

The phases of this illness have been fairly accurately described in 2017 December 10th, In-process Review, but as we are working through strategies that are actually having effects, I think a new phase can be defined.  The main characteristic is not pain, but lack of coordination.  Pain remains in this phase, but it is not the major issue.

I’m in this phase today.  It is the reason we have stocked up on plastic dinnerware for me to use.  This phase has existed for a long time, but it was muddled in with everything else.  I don’t operate large machinery during this phase (this means automobiles, too).  I notice that my eyes take longer to refocus when I change the distance at which I look at things.  Picking my head up from this laptop screen to look at the TV requires a couple seconds to refocus distant and then again when I return to my laptop.

Walking is funny.  I don’t really need mobility aids, but I probably should use them.  If it gets really bad, then I’ll use my chair just to stop me from hurting myself.  The problem, is that you put an uncoordinated person in a mobile chair and the walls and door frames take a beating.  I occasionally get stuck just navigating trough the house.  There is a bit of comedy that comes out of this phase.

One common thing that I wish weren’t so common is loosing the ability to operate the buttons on my couch-recliner.  There are four buttons that control the footrest and headrest.  When I get this way, I usually have to push all four before getting the one I need to adjust properly.  It’s like I get hit with the stupid-stick.

I sometimes get to the point where I just go to my room and lay-down, finally tiring of having to deal with my body’s inequities. I really don’t know how my wife puts up with me.  I get tired of me.  How can I expect anyone else not to?

My accuracy in typing takes a dive, too.  As can be expected. I can sometimes type entire phrases that don’t resemble any words at all.  I have an automatic ROT13 built into my debility.  I can encrypt an entire paragraph without even trying.  Decrypting it is the problem.

Speaking of my beautiful wife, she just pulled up in the drive.

Thanks, and God Bless,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot