2017 December 12, Doing the Limbo with Common Sense

How low can you go?  I bet I can one-down you.

My reflexes are considerably degraded, especially when it comes to movements requiring finesse. It’s one of the reasons I’m considering picking up guitar.  Well, back to the story…. Did I say I was glad my beautiful wife bought me some high-density plastic cups that bounce?  I was retrieving one of these works of art from the cabinet in order to fill it with milk for my evening soldiers.  The darn cup decided to go airborne.  I decided to become a juggler.  Remember the lack of finesse?  I juggled the cup, batting it back into the air from left to right hand and again, probably 4-5 times before I finally realized I was not going to catch it.  I let it hit the floor.

The agony of defeat set in immediately.  Yes, you guessed it.  I pretty much pulled every muscle from fingertip to fingertip.  My chest and shoulder muscles got it the worse.  Kathy tried to massage them, but they hurt too bad for her to manipulate them sufficiently.

Lesson Learned:  Let the cups fall where they may.

I thought “running” through Church Sunday was the stupidest thing I’ve done this year.  In the game of Common Sense Limbo, I keep beating my previous score.

Thanks, and God Bless,

Jay C. “Ouch, Dangit” Theriot
(I would put what I’m really calling myself right now, but FB will block me forever.)