2017 December 1, Better Living Through Modern Chemistry

We did it!  We stopped the spasms dead in their tracks. Zanaflex is the soldier.

Wednesday night, as I stated in my last post, I started going down hill again.  By noon yesterday, I was in tears from the pain.  Additionally, I had several full-body spasms that resulted in me pulling muscles in my left arm and the tops of my two thighs.

My neurologist, drug store and wife came through for me.  They got me Zanaflex, I took one dose, and slept for two hours.  I was able to eat at a restaurant and attend a play.  I was totally drugged, but happy.  I did not have a single spasm since the med kicked in.

I feel beat up.  But, I feel ecstatic.  We have been searching almost a year for a way to stop the spasms that wreak havoc on my body.  My wife and I found it.  My neurologist found a drug to match.  A chain of intense pain that usually lasted between 24-72 hours was stopped dead in its tracks.  I have no words for my emotions right now.  We did it.  We stopped the havoc.

Thank God and God Bless,

Jay C. Theriot